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U5 (Four Years Old) Program

Soccer is for people of all ages – even the little ones! In the U-5 program, children get to play soccer in an age-specific program, and you, the parents, get to participate with them.

The children learn soccer skills like kicking, dribbling, and throwing in the ball, but in a low-pressure, fun setting. U-5 is about exposing children to soccer, not grooming them for college scholarships. 

The U5 coaches work with parents in drills, organizing the teams, setting up fields and supervising.  In U5, goals are not counted to determine who wins - every player is a winner. Young players need to get a feel for the ball and the field, so even though there are adults all around and many opportunities to offer instruction, the emphasis is on fun and play.  It’s a different kind of game in U-5, but the children still wear jerseys, cleats and shin guards. Best of all, they find out that soccer is something they can do.