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Game Cancellations

We Only Very Rarely Cancel Games!

First of all, please do not call your coach or team parent. They cannot cancel games and they will not know if the game has been cancelled. Please come to the field with your child(ren) prepared to play on every night. If you are in charge of water and goal that night, please make sure to come early and bring the water and ice. Your team is counting on you.

We play rain or shine, hot or cold. Only a board member – starting with the Regional Commissioner – can cancel the games. Your coach cannot cancel games.

Games will only be cancelled if there is lightning within sight of the field, since we are not allowed to play during a lightning storm. While it may be pouring rain by your house, it could very well be nice above the fields, so please bring your child(ren) out to play.

This website will be updated and notices sent out once the games have been cancelled.  Most often these are game time decisions, so please come out ready to play.  We know it is no fun to show up and find out the games have been cancelled, but this happens only a couple times each season, so... Please show up on every night with your child(ren) ready to play.

A special note to coaches and team parents: Please come to every game even if you are ‘sure’ it will be cancelled. Please do not tell your parents that the game has been cancelled ... unless you have arrived and learned that fact on site.

Most people assumed we were rained out this night, but as you can see a beautiful (bit muddy) night of soccer.

The muddy, rainy nights of soccer are some of the most fun for the kids.