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Resources and Helpful Tips

Snack Night:
On opening night, please use the sign up sheets provided in your opening night packets.  You can also post your completed snack list on your team's web page and send reminders via email.  Here are some helpful reminders about snacks:

Allergies:  Make sure to know your team's issues with food allergies, and avoid those foods entirely.
Water:  Remember to bring plenty of water for during the game!  The team parent should keep an extra supply of snacks/water in their car in the event the parent scheduled forgets or is not in attendance.
Goals:  Remember to remind the parents they should arrive early to set up the nets on their designated snack night.  They are also responsible for taking down the nets after the game and returning them to the container!

Healthy Snack Ideas
Boxes of Raisins
Rice Krispie Treats
Nuts (unless there are allergies)
Granola bars (Quaker Chewy bars are a fave)
Peanut butter or cheese crackers (Nabisco, Lance)
Cheese sticks
Orange Slices
Small bags of Grapes
100 calorie Packs of anything
Fig Newtons

Coach Gift Ideas:

It's the end of the season and what better way to show your team’s appreciation to the coaching staff than with a present? 

Take up a collection from the team for your coach and/or assistant coach.  Here are just a few gift ideas: