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•Mandatory Coaches’ Clinic – Saturday, April 30th from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Graver Park
•Mandatory Coaches’ Clinic – Saturday, May 21st from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Graver Park

These sessions are facilitated by a MLS trained soccer coach and is an exception opportunity to learn age-appropriate drills and techniques, as well as have all your coaching questions answered.

All coaches, assistant coaches and anyone interested in helping develop player skills and good sportsmanship are encouraged to attend.

All those who have volunteered as coaches or assistant coaches are expected to attend one of these session prior to the new season.

Please come ready to play! ... i.e. wear sneakers and sweats. (Cleats are allowed, but not necessary.) You will be expected to participate in active drills.

The Coach’s Job...

is to provide a safe, fun and encouraging environment for our children to play and learn the game of soccer. He or she is responsible to making sure each player play’s AT LEAST HALF OF EVERY GAME. The coach makes sure the children learn the skills appropriate to their age levels, learn good sportsmanship, and remain encouraged and safe throughout game play. The coach is also responsible for bringing the balls, any cones (or other skills/training materials) and the first aid kit to every game — or arranging for the assistant coach to do so. The game cannot start without a coach or assistant coach on the field, so the coach should try to arrive as early as possible every night.

It is NOT the responsibility of the coach to... set up the net, arrange for water & snacks, line the field, or deal with any missing/incorrect uniforms.

The coach is NOT ALLOWED to cancel any games (for weather or any other reason) or arrange for any practices outside of normal playing nights/times or offsite locations.

For any questions about the coach’s position, responsibilities and training, please contact the Coach Administrator.

The Assistant Coach’s Job...

is to help the coach during practices, pre-game skills training and to cover for to coach when he/she is unable to attend. Skill and tactical coaching is more effective if players can be divided into smaller groups. Coaches may not be available at some practices or games. If there is no assistant coach, there will be no practices and no games when the coach is away. (See coach’s job). No experience or soccer skills are required – just be willing to come and have fun with the kids. Assistant coaches, if they desire, can attend coach training. In fact, they are encouraged to do so.

For any questions about the assistant coach’s position, responsibilities and training, please contact the Coach Administrator.